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What is an ebook?

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What is an ebook?

An e-book is a book that you can read on your computer, laptop or a variety of handheld devices such as smartphones and e-book readers. This e-book is made in the PDF file format, which is the most versatile format for making e-books. It is recommended that you use Adobe Reader to read the e-book which you can download for free here. That is if you don't have it installed on your computer already.

This e-book you can also print and read just like a regular book which is not an option with all e-books.

In only a few minutes you can be on your way towards learning How to make a  bow and arrow!

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or Learn more about the contents of this e-book - Click one of the following options: Longbow making, making the Holmegaard flatbow, or bowstring making.


The holmegaard bow