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What is the difference between the DOWNLOAD version and the DVD-ROM version of the e-book?

The DOWNLOAD version

START learning how to make a bow and arrow In Only a few MINUTES! Download the e-book immediately after you have entered your information into our simple checkout process.

When you choose to buy the DOWNLOAD version of the e-book, your computer or your e-book reading device needs to be connected to the internet in order to watch the video content. But you have access to the exact same video clips that are included in the DVD-ROM version. An internet connection is only required to watch the video content; the e-book can still be read and printed without one. Otherwise the two versions of the e-book are exactly the same, except that the image quality of the photos is slightly lower in the download version. The difference is hardly noticeable and does not affect your experience while reading the e-book. The slightly lower image quality is a result of our wish to minimize the file size and thus reduce download time for your convenience.

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The DVD-ROM version

The DVD-ROM will be sent to the address you provide (FREE DELIVERY) and you will receive it by mail within 2-10 days, depending on your country of residence.

When you buy the DVD-ROM version of the e-book, you receive the e-book on a DVD-ROM with professional print and a nice protective sleeve. The video clips are embedded in the PDF file which means you do not need a connection to the internet to watch the video content.

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