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How to make a Flemish twist bow string

Get KEY know-how from the maker of bows and arrows for The historic Viking Fortress Trelleborg in Denmark.

There is nothing like the sound of a fine homemade bow string cutting through the air as you release the first arrow!


  • Learn how to make a traditional Flemish twist bow string - The favored choice of bow string of many traditional archers. The entire process of bowstring making is covered, including serving a bowstring, and how to make a bow string jig.
  • The often hard to explain process on how to make a bowstring is made easy by the aid of video clips, photos and helpful instructions.
  • The string making chapter covers it all.


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Bow and arrow - Learn how to make your own
Medieval arrow with white and grey fletchings bound to the wooden shaft

The Flemish Bow String

The Flemish bow string is a great choice of bowstring for Traditional Archers. Traditionally, linen and hemp were used to make the bowstrings, but today more modern materials are preferred by most archers. The modern string materials like Dacron and Fast Flight are very reliable and have a great performance, and they will certainly make a fine Flemish twist bowstring.


In this e-book you will learn how to make a Flemish bow string - that is guaranteed! But that's not all, you will learn so much more! For instance how to make a bow and arrow - Maybe even the bow of your Dreams!

The word "twist" in "Flemish twist" refers to the way the bowstring is made by twisting the 2 or 3 main strands of the bowstring and the word "Flemish" refers to a regional connection with this traditional type of bowstring.


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Make your own traditional Flemish bow string

Learn to make your own traditional Flemish bow string and jig

The Bow String - String Jig

Included in the comprehensive e-book "Making Traditional Bows" are plans for making a bow string jig from which you can make your own string jig. A string Jig is extremely helpful when making a Flemish twist bowstring -  In short, a string jig makes the string making process a pure delight!

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As mentioned before, this e-book will teach you much more than how to make a bowstring. Other areas of traditional archery covered are: How to make a longbow, the Holmegaard flatbow, and how to make various types of arrows, e.g. make your own medieval arrow. Click one to read more!



Flemish bow string jig plans - make your own traditional bow string and jig

bow string jig - make your own Flemish bowstring and jig