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Arrow making

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Want to learn how to make arrows?

Get Valuable guidance from the traditional bow and arrow maker for The Historic Viking Fortress Trelleborg in Denmark.

We offer you effective video clips, photos and easy-to-follow instructions on how to make various types of arrows, e.g. make your own medieval arrow. Every aspect of how to make an arrow is explained to the last detail.

The arrow making chapters of this e-book shows anyone how to make arrows, guaranteed or your money back!

Watch how the arrows that you learn to make are shoot and tested in Bonus action video clips which are also included in the e-book.

Imagine yourself carrying a quiver full of awe striking medieval war arrows - Made by you! or See yourself outshoot your friends with a sleek homemade flight arrow.


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Arrow made from wood - shot from a traditional longbow
Fine medieval arrow with horn reinforcement and binding between the fletchings

Acquire Crucial arrow making techniques and Learn how to make e.g medieval arrows

You will be making a medieval war arrow, a flight oriented arrow for distance shooting, and an arrow intended for target shooting. The valuable skills that you will acquire include:

  • How to skillfully choose the right arrow head, size of fletchings (feathers) and arrow shaft from which to make your arrows.
  • How to master attaching the feathers to the arrow shaft (fletching arrows). Learn historical binding techniques that will add a sweet looking finish to your arrows. Read more about the art of fletching arrows below.
  • How to change the profile of an arrow shaft to achieve better flight characteristics and make sure that your arrows go further than the arrows of your competition.
  • Learning about arrow spine - This knowledge is valuable when you pick out arrow shafts from which to make your arrows, and it will secure the best possible conditions when target shooting.

In short - You will learn how to make all the arrows you will ever need!

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The e-book "Making Traditional Bows" includes much more than how to make arrows! Click one of the following options to learn more about: How to make a bow and arrow, How to make a longbowThe Holmegaard flatbow or bowstring making.

No guide on how to make arrows would be complete without covering the ancient art of fletching arrows - read on to know more.



Making arrows - how to make an arrow self nock

How to make an arrow - the cone
How to shape an arrow shaft - profile change

The art of Fletching arrows

Learn the art of fletching arrows (attaching the feathers to the arrow shaft). Fletching arrows was a regular profession in the old days, carried out by fletchers. You may have meet someone with the family name Fletcher, this is where the name originates from.

You will become a modern fletcher - one who treasures the ancient traditions. Your skills will include how to fletch arrows with and without the use of a fletching jig (an aid used when attaching the feathers). You will master binding techniques for making medieval style arrows and other traditional arrows.

Every part of arrow making is thoroughly explained by means of educational video clips, detailed photos and written text.


Fletching arrows - Learn how to fletch arrows - binding techniques

Fletching arrows - how to fletch arrows using a fletching jig

How to make a quiver - Medieval style

Learn how to make a quiver similar to the ones used in the Medieval times. The photo shows the quiver with the upper cover pulled down and the arrows ready for use. This is a fine and very useful arrow bag (quiver) - it is simply fantastic for transporting and protecting your arrows. The awesome quiver can be used either as a back quiver or as a hip-side quiver - the choice is yours.


On the Tudor war ship, The Mary Rose, leather discs with 24 holes were recovered. Some contained arrow shafts that had been fitted through the holes. Close to the edge of the leather discs were a series of stitch holes. Combining these finds and referring to medieval art, the conclusion is that these leather discs were the central spacer in arrow bags made for carrying and protecting arrows. It is believed that these arrow bags (quivers) were issued to every archer on the war ship. This is the same type of quiver that you could be using in no more than 1 or 2 days!

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Make a Medieval quiver - can be used as a hip-side or back quiver

Make your own Medieval quiver - the leather disc

How to make a leather disc - Medieval quiver