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This is our sitemap which has a collection of the most essential pages on this Site. The pages listed below will tell you all about the amazing content you find inside the e-book "Making Traditional Bows". Information like: how to make a longbow, the Holmegaard bow, how to make arrows, how to make a bow string, and more. In short, all you need to make your own traditional archery equipment.

  • How to make a bow and arrow - What's inside the e-book "Making Traditional Bows" and what will I learn about bow and arrow making? You will find the answers here.
  • How to make a longbow - Or to be specific - what you can expect to learn on longbow making.
  • The Holmegaard flatbow - The e-book includes valuable and sometimes hard to find knowledge about the 8000 year old Holmegaard bow. Here is a unique opportunity for you to learn more about this very old Stone Age flatbow.
  • How to make arrows - This is where you can see all the arrow making skills that are in store for you in the e-book, including the selection of the components to make your arrows from, how to fletch arrows and more.
  • How to make a bowstring - Master making your own bow strings, including how to serve a bowstring and how to make a string jig. To be specific, you will learn how to make a traditional Flemish twist bow string. Read more here.
  • Reviews - Find out what other people thought of the e-book "Making Traditional Bows".
  • About the author - Learn more about the author Chris Münkel MD - Bow and arrow maker for The Historic Viking Fortress Trelleborg in Denmark.
  • What is an e-book? - Have you ever wondered what an e-book is? - Here you will find the answer.
  • FAQ - On this page you get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Site and products.


The holmegaard bow