"Making Traditional Bows: Traditional bow and arrow making explained to the last detail" by the bow and arrow maker for The Historic Viking Fortress Trelleborg Chris Münkel MD.

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The Holmegaard Bow

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The holmegaard bow About 8000 years ago a Mesolithic (Stone Age) hunter was sitting at the edge of a lake, in what is now called the country of Denmark, and in his hands he was holding a bow. This is the very same complete bow that is now in the caring hands of the National Museum of Denmark. The hunter may just have come back from the daily hunt and now taking a well-deserved rest, having carried his trophy deer through the vast pine forest, with a thick undergrowth of hazel, which is thought to have surrounded the lake at the time. The lake of that time was near what today is the town of Holmegaard.

Long ago the lake dried out and it is now a bog, the bog of Holmegaard. The bog lies only a few miles from where the author of the book "Making Traditional Bows" lives.
For many years there has been a glassworks right by the bog. They needed fuel for their furnaces and for a long time they depended on the peat supply from the bog. During their peat digging activity more Stone Age settlements have been discovered. Therefore, we have the glassworks to thank for the great discoveries made in the bog. In 1944 an amazing discovery was made at one of these Stone Age settlements. One complete bow was found, 154 cm (60 5/8”) long, and another incomplete bow thought to have been around 160 - 170 cm (63 - 67”) long was also found. Other small fragments of bows were also recovered. The bows date back to around 6000 - 7000 BC.

The design of the Holmegaard bow

The design of the Holmegaard bow - a Stone Age flatbowThe design of the Holmegaard bow is also referred to as a flatbow design. When making a bow this design is very versatile and forgiving in regard to both the quality and the strength of the wood being used.

With the aid of a former archeologist at the National Museum of Denmark the author of the e-book “Making Traditional Bows” has obtained the dimensions of the complete Holmegaard bow based on the most resent (2010) measurements.

The book contains a complete chapter with videos dedicated to the holmegaard bow and flatbows.

In the e-book, which is sold through this site, the author makes a replica of the old flatbow, which is afterwards shot and tested in one of the many video clips included in the e-book.


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  • Learn how to make the One and Only Holmegaard bow and other flatbows.
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Included in the e-book sold through this site are: Step-by-step instructions, useful video clips and many priceless color photos. Plus - BONUS action video clips - See the author shoot and test the Holmegaard flatbow.

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How to make a Holmegaard bow and a flatbow

Design and plans to make your own flat bows similar to the Holmegaard bow Learn how to make the Holmegaard bow and a flatbow from a single piece of wood just like it was done 8000 - 9000 years ago in Stone Age Europe.

Every part of making the Holmegaard flatbow is covered and explained to the last detail with illustrative color photos, video clips and easy-to-follow instructions.replica Holmegaard bow made from elm, shot by the author From picking out the wood, marking out, cutting out, and tillering the bow (making the bow bend right) to applying the finish.

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