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Historic longbow and arrow maker shares his Vital Expertise with you.

Making Traditional Bows - sold worldwide.
Learn how to make a longbow - The book Making Traditional Bows

"Making Traditional Bows: Traditional bow and arrow making explained to the last detail" by the longbow and arrow maker for The Historic Viking Fortress Trelleborg Chris Münkel MD.

E-book ISBN 978-87-994594-0-7
DVD-rom ISBN 978-87-994594-1-4
Paperback ISBN 978-87-994594-2-1
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Learn how to make a longbow TODAY and shoot your own homemade longbow in no more than a week - We Promise that no one gets left behind!

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Learn how to make longbows and other traditional archery supplies - The e-book includes:

Make your own laminate longbows Longbow and medieval arrow test - video Plans to make a laminate English longbow
  • More than 100 informative A4 (letter) size pages - Compared to most regular books that is equivalent to more than 200 pages.
  • 20 video clips - A mix of valuable instructive video clips and bonus action video clips of the author shooting the bows and arrows that he carefully shows you how to make.
  • 227 illustrative and supportive color photos. When you make a longbow using this book, you will not be lost in the dark with only text to guide you - That's Guaranteed!
  • 10 useful technical illustrations which will make your day at the workshop a breeze; for instance when marking out a longbow.

In short - all you will ever need to learn about how to make a longbow and other traditional archery equipment.

Imagine shooting your first arrow from a longbow that you have made yourself - In just a few steps you can be much closer to experiencing this Amazing feeling!

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What will I learn about longbow making?

Longbow shoot with arrow - Making Traditional Bows

You will learn how to make a fine longbow in more ways than one. To assist you the author covers the making of 3 different longbows. First, two Excellent laminated longbows made with two different bow backings - You could be king of the competition with these bows.
The laminated longbows are fitted with a Head-turning leather handle and a nice arrow plate made from bone or horn. One longbow is fitted with beautiful and historic horn nocks. It is all covered in the e-book, from how to make a longbow in general, to making the last touch-ups that will make your longbows stand out in the crowd.

Longbow tillering - learn how to - Making Traditional Bows Learn how to tiller a longbow - ebook

When making the last longbow - The author will shepherd you through how to make a simple longbow made from one single piece of wood (a selfbow). This bow you can make in a day with only a few Simple tools. Have fun and build this easy to make bow with your kids or friends.
The longbow is sometimes called an English longbow or a warbow.

In the Bonus action video clips included in the e-book, you can see all three longbows in use.

Learning how to make a longbow is at your fingertips!

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The historical longbow

The chapter on longbows and longbow making has like other chapters in the e-book an informative historical introduction. You will among other things learn that the design of the longbow hardly has changed since 300 AD; this period is called the Iron Age. We have proof of this from findings of war booty sacrifices made in bogs in and around that period of time. Not only will you learn how to make a homemade longbow; you will learn much more than that.

To make a longbow has never been easier than with this e-book on hand - The complete process of longbow making is explained to the last detail!

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Will I learn More than how to make a longbow?

Yes, you certainly will! The other chapters of the all-inclusive e-book cover:

  • How to make the one and only historic Holmegaard bow which is the oldest complete bow found worldwide, and possibly also the oldest bow found at all. The bow is 8000 years old and is kept safe at the National Museum of Denmark.
    You will not only learn how to make the Holmegaard bow; you will also see it tested in one of the bonus action video clips included in the e-book. The Holmegaard bow is a great and authentic specimen of a flatbow.
  • How to make arrows will be explored. You will among other things learn how to make a historical war arrow for your new longbow.
    Naturally, you will want to outshoot your friends - You now have the chance! Included is how to make a flight oriented arrow intended for distance shooting and maximum flight distance. Different types of arrows are tested in the Bonus action video clips included.
  • How to make a flemish twist bowstring. The perfect bowstring for a traditional longbow and other traditional bows.
  • How to make a quiver and a bow bag - no guide on how to make a bow and arrow would be complete without you learning how to make a quiver and bow bag. You then have something in which to store, carry and protect your precious new longbows and arrows. The medieval style quiver is a model of the quivers used by the archers on the historical English war ship, the Mary Rose. You can use this quiver both as a back quiver and as a hip side quiver.
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Want to know more? Click the following link to learn more about how to make a medieval quiver, bow and arrow making in general or see the complete table of contents.