"Making Traditional Bows: Traditional bow and arrow making explained to the last detail" by the bow and arrow maker for The Historic Viking Fortress Trelleborg Chris Münkel MD.

E-book ISBN 978-87-994594-0-7
DVD-rom ISBN 978-87-994594-1-4
Paperback ISBN 978-87-994594-2-1

Wondering how to make a
bow and arrow?

Historic bow and arrow maker shares his Vital Expertise with you.

Making Traditional Bows - sold worldwide.
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IMAGINE yourself making and using the same kind of weapons that were used by the epic warriors of the Viking age and the Medieval times, or the mighty bows used by brave hunters in the Stone age.

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Why should I buy the e-book "Making traditional bows"? Here are 10 reasons why this e-book is a Must-Have!

Learn to make a self bow - a bow from a single piece of wood Make a wooden bow using simple tools wooden bow shot with wooden arrow wooden bow making plans - ebook
  • Instantly available worldwide, no wait, and no postage.
  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. The e-book covers how to make a bow and arrow in-depth. And, as if that’s not enough, you also learn how to make other traditional archery supplies such as a medieval style quiver and bow bag.
    The author will gently guide you through how to make a longbow, how to make various types of arrows, how to make a Flemish bowstring and the making of the historic and one-and-only Holmegaard flatbow.
  • Priceless instructional Video clips are included. An added bonus is the moving action video clips in which the newly made bows and arrows are shot and tested.
  • Many indispensable and illustrative color photos compared to printed books.
  • Fine and sometimes hard to find technical illustrations that you can print and bring to the workshop.
  • All information is given in both imperial and metric units.
  • Quick navigation within the e-book by means of the table of contents and the bookmarks.
  • Get all the details - You can zoom in on all text, photos, and illustrations for a closer look.
  • Easy access to further information on a subject by means of links.
  • Flexibility - The e-book can be printed and read like a regular ink and paper style book.

In short - If your desire is to learn how to make a bow and arrow and/or other traditional archery supplies in an easy way that is accessible to all people - Then the e-book "Making Traditional Bows" is an excellent choice!

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How can I learn to make a bow and arrow?

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a bow ans arrow Making traditional bows - ebook -make a bow and arrow

The author will supply you with a complete package of information to enable you to start learning how to make a bow and arrow TODAY, without your having to search any further at the book store, the library, or the internet. To assist you, the author has included all the information, which he thought was missing when he was learning how to make his first wooden bow and arrow. This includes easy-to-follow instructions, plenty of illustrative photos, instructional video clips, and bonus video clips of the author, shooting the bows and arrows that he teaches you to make.

Anyone can keep up! and only simple tools are obligatory.

Making traditional bows - ebook - lesson on wood

The size, quality and variety of information included in this book makes this e-book an outstanding source on how to make your own traditional archery supplies such as a bow and arrow.
All bows and arrows are made from the amazing and sometimes hypnotic natural material - wood.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to be well informed and well taught!

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What do I get, when I buy the e-book "Making Traditional Bows"?

The e-book "Making Traditional Bows" includes a little over 100 A4 (letter) size pages - compared to the page size of most regular books that adds up to more than 200 pages, 20 video clips, 227 illustrative color photos and 10 fine technical illustrations.

As mentioned earlier, "Making Traditional Bows" is a complete package of information that supplies the important know-how you need in order to make yourself a home-made bow and arrow.

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Want to know more? Take a look at the complete table of contents or read about longbow making.